Climbing in Turkey
by climbers ... for climbers

Rock climbing camp

The Jo.Si.To. guesthouse camp is situated directly in the center of the climbing area, at the beginning of the lycian hiking trail and next to a nice refreshing river. The camp is far away from streets and also the best option for families.

There are reasons why since 2002 most rock climbers who come to Gayikbairi stay at Jo.Si.To. camp. The founders and staff of JoSiTo are climbers, knowing your needs for your climbing holidays. We are always aiming to provide maximum comfort and highest quality for a fair and reasonable price, just as we would like from our own climbıng holidays as well.

What can you find only at the Jo.Si.To. guesthouse camp?:

Due to the fact that we ourselves have travelled and climbed in diverse areas around the world gaining experience, we as the Jo.Si.To. camp can focus specifically on the rock climbers and mountain bikers needs in holidays.

Individuality and comfortability, everything is ecologically built out of wood and stones from the area. Various accommodation; from simple summer huts to large fully equipped chalets with own bathrooms and kitchens (from 20 to 80 Euro per night/bungalow). Hot water for the showers are heated by solar energy

We offer climbers with smaller budgets and/or camping-freaks the opportunity of camping on beautiful, charming spots on our grounds for extremely reasonable rates. With hot showers and clean sanitary facilities we offer the comfort needed to really enjoy your stay in the Jo.Si.To. camp. For campers and all guests we have a fully equipped camping kitchen with a fridges and cooking stuff, Big, seperate room with oven for eating and chillout. You can buy a gasbottle for 10.- € and you can borrow a Gascooker for your stay.

As the morning dawns you can start your rock climbing day on our sun terraces with a Italian Espresso, Cappuccino or Latte Macchiato and a breakfast of muesli with fresh fruit or "Panini". If you would like a change from the traditional, turkish (really delicious) cooking, we serve fresh, healthy, mediterranean food for dinner. We have free WIFI and a public PC with internet access in our Bar. Our camp is really family friendly, we also have kids and they can play around the whole camp ground.

At the end of the day in the bar, with laid-back music you can relax with your friends and re-experience your climbing day again and again...

Who are the founders of JoSiTo

JoSiTo is the combination of the first names of the three rock climbers, partners and founders: Jost, Siri and Tobi.

The first contact with Turkey came about by coincidence, when in the spring of 2002 we were invited to the legendary "ReuberWedding". A good friend from Munich, of Turkish heritage, got married to Tom "Reuber" and celebrated in the near of Antalya. We took with us as a good gesture our climbing gear and as a precaution the Hilti too, hoping to in conjunction with the wedding stay a few days on to go climbing. Tobi found the Turkish webpage of the region developer Öztürk and there we discovered the magical bay of Akyalar, leaving as a wedding gift behind the new "Reuberhochzeit" route and then celebrated the Turkish Wedding.
After 2 recovery days, we packed up and moved from the coast into the mountains, and saw then for the first time the marvellous rock faces of Geyikbayiri. The idea and wish to eventually stay here grew pretty quickly within us.
This first idea developed itself over the following months from a mere possibility to a developing project. At some time we then decided to take the risk and in the summer of 2003 founded the Jo.Si.To. GmbH. After placing ourselves in this foreign culture and dealing and struggling with diverse bureaucratic situations, we are happy to welcome you to JoSiTo: a campsite "by climbers ... for climbers".


I have been a rock climber for 15 years or so with more or less large pauses in-between. After completing my studies in Spain, Regensburg and Marseille and finished at the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce in Marseille in Economics I entered in 1998 the serious business life as a Management consultant. Thus I neglected climbing and earning ‘miles’ became my new sporting challenge. Except for climbing there is nothing better than untouched deep snow slopes. I am always up for a game of football amongst my friends.

Admiration for beautiful objects, enthusiast rock climber, creative entrepreneur….
The passion for good design, enthusiasm for new projects and achieving the objectives are my main focus.
I love projects where you start with a just vision from scratch, develop the ideas with lots of small details and finish up with a great result.

Rock climbing and bolting have been my big passion for more than 23 years. After studying Biology and Physics I realized that both had relatively little to do with climbing. Thus I then created the sport model and stunt agency CreAct in Munich uniting both my hobby and work. After 4 years where my office chair was mainly climbed, I decided it was time to move the office directly onto the rocks. I have opened hundreds of routes and enjoyed a lot of climbing in the climbing heaven around Antalya.


Rock climbing bar and restaurant

The has a legendary bar and restaurant.

As the morning dawns you can start your day on our sun terraces with a real Italian Espresso, Cappuccino or Latte Macchiato and a climbing breakfast of muesli with fresh fruits or a tasty Panini. In conguntion with the traditional Turkish (really delicious) cooking , we also serve fresh and healthy, mediterranean food for dinner - or you enjoy one of our legendary original italian Pizza.

You can have your climbing breakfast (3,- to 4,5 Euro), lunch (3,- to 4,5 Euro) and dinner (7,- to 9,- Euro) every day in our bar and restaurant. At the end of the day you can retire here and listen to our laid back music or meet the local climbing family. The perfect place to relax and re-experience your rock climbing day again and again.



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