Climbing in Turkey
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Rock climbing

The JoSiTo guesthouse camp is situated directly in heart of the climbing area of Geyikbairi. Depending on the sector all of the crags are between a 1 and 15 minute walk away therefore there's no need for a car. At the moment around 850 routes exist of various difficulties and grades (from UIAA 4 to 10+/11-, French 4 to 8c).The routes are bolted with the best materials and have short distances between the bolts. By far more than half of the routes have been bolted with support and sponsoring from the JoSiTo camp.

Main difficulties are between UIAA 7 to 9 (French 6b to 7c). You can have a look here:

We sell the newest guidebook with all updates in our camp for 28,- Euro. If you buy the guidebook in the Jo.Si.To. camp the earnings will be used for bolting and routemaintenance.

Further climbing areas situated directly at the sea, such as Akyalar, Olympos, Öküzini, Citdibi(together another 400 routes) can be reached within a day trip from our camp.

The climbing season is from beginning of September until the end of May. There can be rainy days between December and January. However, even on very wet or very hot days you will always find sectors with the right orientation giving you good conditions for climbing.