Climbing in Turkey
by climbers ... for climbers


As the morning dawns you can start your day on our sun terraces with a real Italian Espresso, Cappuccino or Latte Macchiato and a breakfast of muesli with fresh fruit or "Panini". In conguntion wıth the traditional Turkish (really delicious) cooking , we also serve fresh, healthy, Mediterranean food for dinner. You can have your breakfast (3,- to 4,5 €), lunch (3,- to 4,5 €) and dinner (7,- to 10,- €) in our Cafe/ Bar:


Turkish breakfast                      4,- € (boiled egg, feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, olives, fresh fruit, bread
Scrambled eggs                        4,- € (3 eggs with feta cheese, tomatoes, butter and bread)
Eggs sunny side up                   3,- € (2 fried eggs with butter, bread)
Omelette with mushrooms         4,- € (3 eggs with mushrooms, cheese, tomatoes, butter and bread)
Müsli                                       3,50 € (cereals with fresh fruit, jogurt and milk)
Fruitsalad                                 3,- €     (fresh fruits with jogurt)
Sweet breakfast                        3,50 € (jam/marmalade, honey, nutella, fresh fruits, butter and bread)

Packed lunch                            5,- € (sandwich of your choice, cookies, apple, pretzel sticks, boiled egg)


salads                                                                                  normal                         big

 -neptunalia (season salads, tomatoes, tuna, egg)                      5,- €                          8,- €
-chicken (season salads, tomatoes, chicken, egg)                       5,- €                          8,- €
-bauernsalad (season salads, tomatoes, feta, onion)                   4,- €                          7,- €

grilled sandwiches   

-italiano (homemade pesto, tomatoes, cheese, herbs)                  3,50 €
-meatballs (meatballs,tomatoes,salad,herbs)                               4,- €
- sheppard`s dream (feta, tomato, cucumber, spring onions)        3,50  €
-tuna (tuna, tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions)                         4,- €
-chicken (chicken,tomatoes,salad,herbs)                                     4,- €


-chocolate-banana                                                                    3,50 €
-cheese-vegetables                                                                   4,50 €


-pasta with homemade pesto                                                     7,- €
-french fries                                                                             2,50 €


-mixed icecream cup                                                                 2,50 €
-bananasplit (banana, 2 vanilla icecream ball, choco sauce)           3,50 €
-chocolate-banana crepe                                                           3,50 €


There are also nice Turkish restaurants in the area. You can buy vegetables, fruits and bread in our bar or in the small village of Geyikbairi (3 km away) or in the next supermarket in Cakirlar (7km). You can buy a gasbottle for 10,- Euro and you can borrow a Gascooker for your stay (as gas is not allowed to be brought by plane). For campers we have a fully equipped camping kitchen with a fridge and cooking equipment, without oven.