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NEW! Breakfast included!

From 01.10. on our delicious breakfast with Turkish tea is included in the price of bungalows, chalets and caravans. Or choose our long stay offer -15% for bookings longer than 21 days and -20% for longer than 30 days!

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THC 2020 Turkish Highline Carneval!

like every year we are proud to host the THC in Geyikbayiri and our camp. highlining, workshos, climbing, fireshows, amazing PARTY :-) , ...and more. Don't miss it!!

THC 2017

The THC 2020 will be Free entrance again for every one! But will Set up a crowdfunding in November to raise some Money for the Organisation, new gear, safty and the Programm!! Please Support the THC 2020 with your DONATION!!!!
stay tuned for more Information!
Thanks alot your THC2020 Crew!!!

To get an impression of Geyikbayiri, watch the following movies from the last years :
movie 2016
movie 2015
movie thc 2014
movie thc 2013
climbing movie geyikbayiri

so come and be part of the 5th international highline meeting in Turkey
get dressed and slack its highline carnival!!

keep it slack

THC Crew

The 4th Turkish Highline Carnival 2016 will take place again in the area of Geyikbayiri from the


Transfer to for the Turkish Highline Carnival 2016 :
If you want a transfer to our camp please send us an email to with the following details minimum 2 days before:

* Time and date of arrival
* Airline and Flight number
* City of Departure
* Mobile number
* Names of all passengers
* Accomodation

(40,- Euro per transfer for 1- 4 persons, 10,- Euro/person for the 5-9) at any time (from midnigt 0:00 until 6:00 50,- Euro/transfer)

We will try to optimate all transfers. Guests from other camps can join the transfer for the same conditions as our guests. For organizational reasons transfers will only stop at Jo.Si.To.
Thank you for your understanding.

Home made Jo.Si.To. olive oil!

Now available in our Minishop, made from our own very old olive trees.


You need a nice present for Christmas?!

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We offer you: If you book between 10.1. until 5.2.2016 a bungalow/caravan for one week, you get the second week in this accomodation for free!*

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Join the 3rd international Highline meeting in Turkey THC 2015 from 14.2.2015 till the 22.2.2015 in the area of Geyikbayiri Antalya.
Date: 14.02.2015 - 22.02.2015
Mor information you will find here:

And here:

Take care!!!

The area of Geyikbayiri is located in a beautiful natural surrounding which provides unique possibilities for outdoor sports like highlining, climbing and many more...

These outdoor sports can cause heavy injuries, damage and death. Knowledge of special equipment for belaying and safety are mandatory as well as awareness of natural dangers like falling loose rocks.

The “highline carnival team” and the guesthouses and camps are not responsible for any injuries, damage or death that are caused by practicing highlining or any other outdoor sport.

Please respect the nature and rocks of the area, such as the villagers' traditions and the local ethics!
Leave no waste at the highlines or the surrounding areas. Please use the toilets in the camps and not the area around the rocks.

The highlines are all safely rigged and equipped with a leash, however every participant is responsible for his own safety so please check the lines and your knot before you start! Take care of each other and the area so we can have an amazing event.

Looking forward to see you all soon in Geyikbayiri at the Highline Carnival and don't forget your costume its Carnival!!!

The webseite of Masal Refuge is online: a camping and meetingpoint for climbers in Çitdibi. The refuge is situated directly under the climbing cliff of Çitdibi and at the Tunc-mountains (2649m) south base.

More information you find here:


Rock climbing courses and 50% discount for the accomodation!

from 13.1. until 10.2.2015 you can join a climbing course in Jo.Si.To.guesthouse. camp in Geyikbayiri/Turkey and we offer you 50% discount on caravans and 25% on bungalows.

The is situated directly in heart of the amazing climbing area of Geyikbairi. Depending on the sectors the crag can be reached by a 1 to 15 minute walk. At the moment almost 800 routes exist of various difficulties and grades (from UIAA 4 to 10+/11-, French 4 to 8c). Every routes are sportclimbing routes with bolts and leading friendly. In the evening you can meet in the cosy Jo.Si.To. bar the local and international climbers to talk about climbing, everything and anything...

For more safety on the rocks, we will teach you all necessary skills to climb confidently: techniques for leading your own routes including necessary ropework, improving your belaying skills, training on taking falls. The personal training is individually tailored to you requirements. It is the right choice if you want to improve your climbing technique. Our experienced trainer will work individually with you on your weaknesses.

The course is 5 hours per day and costs

75,- € for 1 person
56,- €  for 2-4 people /per person
40,- €  for 5 people /per person

After the third day you get 10% discount to the course price.

If you are interested, please send us an email:

Fresh Italian Pizza in Jo.Si.To.!

To our delicious turkish and international kitchen from master chef Raşit-usta we ad now delicious original italian pizza. Pizzaolo Joshua, the new Pizza chef, is now on 6 days a week feeding our nice new pizza oven with his' delicious.... enjoy!


Highline Carnival 2014

The second round of the Turkish Highline Festival successfully welcomed 149 participants from February 24th until March 2nd 2014. Slackliners and highliners from 27 different nations all over the world were present bringing together a special vibe to the area of Geyikbayiri.
The lines from last year were rigged as well as a new sector located very close to the JO.SI.TO campsite, which was found to be the busiest at any time of day. Five new lines ranging from 23 to 60 meters above the riverside creating a special and relaxed atmosphere for everyone to appreciate. The impressive sector of the Anatolia lines throned high and strong with its four lines leaving the last impressive and exposed 105meter line to the most experienced; Danny Mensik walked the line with a tension of 0.1kn.
The kickoff party in Rido's campsite opened up the festival in flames. The highliners were welcomed by several camp fires and a tasty Turkish lentil soup cooking over the fire. The festival feeling was already there; around 80 people scattered in groups around the camp fires, eating, drinking, slacklining, playing music. After an opening speech from organizer Raffael Thomele, desert was served by a floating line of balloons flambeing up into the clear night sky over Geyikbayiri. The show had just started by a spectacular fire show; staff, poi spinners and fire spitters impressed the crowd and got everyone hyped for a night long dancing party. Dj Stretch Flo Hansen and Dj Emrah captured the crowd and Dj Raftsta also got a chance to show his Dj skills.
Though last years' festival was a wet one, this years' Carnival was sunny and dry with enough rain to keep the dry vegetation of Geyikbayiri hydrated. Highliners were occupying the highline spots until dark and homemade cake and cookies were delivered daily to all the highline sectors to support the Festival by a free donation. In between highline sessions, people could go climbing, while some were juggling or simply slacklining. A workshop was offered to help beginners gain confidence on a slackline and learn how to highline safely. One inch dream team member Mirko and Thomas form the Swiss slackline club were available during a whole day to help out anyone interested. The evenings were rythmed by drums, guitars, and various musical instruments along with singing and laughing around the campfire.
Rido's camp organized a jumpline jam session open to all along with a burger night and a relaxed evening around the campfire; the end of the week was near and people were saving their party skills for the final night of the festival. A buffet was served outdoors by JO.SI.TO camp with an assortment of Turkish starters and barbecued Turkish spiced meats. Dj Stretch Flo Hansen was dressed up and ready for Carnival night and the last fire show of the week kicked off the outdoor party.
The second round of this Turkish Highline Carnival has brought together more nations than last years' and doubled the amount of participants and the Highline Carnival has now taken its place to be one of the biggest highline festivals in the world. Thanks to AustriAlpin, bolts and hardware were sponsored to rig a total of 17 lines giving everyone more than enough to play around on. The variety of the sectors mixed with the climbing possibilities made the highliners' daily program a vacation paradise. The highliners seemed to bring a perfect balance to one of Europe's fast growing rock climbing areas. Organizer, Raffael Thomele, has found in this place a nice opportunity to combine his two passions; climbing and highlining, and give the area and the locals something new to try. A big thanks to all the sponsors, friends, volunteers and helpers because without them the festival would not have been the same, so until next year, keep it slack..

Photo: Mohammad Reza Abaee

Magnus Midtbø did the second ascent of the hardest route in Geyikbayiri: Devers Royale 8c+/9a

Here you can find a report from himself:

Photo: Bjørn H. Rønning

The first highlinefestival 2014 review by

Have you somehow not made it to the Turkish Highline Carnival festival 2014?

Were you held back by work, studies or your mother? Well, do not watch the following video if you are an emotional person, because you are going to see what you have missed so far. For three days now, people from all ofer the world have been climbing, highlining and sharing their toothbrushes together. Enough said, now tie into your leash in case you will off the chair:

Highline carnival 2014
After the big success of the 1st. "THC 2013", join the 2nd international Highline meeting in Turkey "THC 2014"! From 24th of February 2014 till the 2nd of March 2014 in the area of Geyikbayiri Antalya. Here the Trailer for the "THC 2014". Thanks to Mohammad Reza Abaee for filming and edeting!!

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Jo.Si.To. Calendar 2014 is now available!
This year we can offer you our first Jo.Si.To. calendar. We have a lot of great pictures from the area around the Jo.Si.To. The calendar is avialble directly in the camp for 18,- Euro or you send us a email: Many thanks to the photographers!