Climbing in Turkey
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Skiing/Ski tours

Between the middle of January and the end of May the mountains over 1500m are taken over by winter weather with snow often over several metres. Occasionally in April and May you can on the same day go skiing and swimming. Further information about snow conditions and tours can be found with the local guides.

Half an hour from Geyikbayiri one finds the ski town of Saklikent where you can enjoy the luxury of ski lifts and where you can rent stuff.

Deepwater soloing


Culture and Sightseeing

Due to Turkeys amazing history, there are many archaeological excursions available in the surrounding areas. To experience an overview of Turkeys worthiest destinations tours can be found in local travel-guides.



On Sutherday and on Sunday there is in near of the village Cakirlar (7km) a really nice traditional market with fruits and vegetables, you can eat “Gözleme” (Turkish pancakes), drinking a chai and sitting in turkish.


Traditional Turkish baths, or "hamam" as they are known in Turkey, have been used for thousands of years. Turkish baths were so much a part of the Turk way of life that the baths were used not only for cleanliness, but also for socializing. 

Please ask in the bar our personal for a good Hamam in Antalya...